About Us

Founded in 2006, Cornwall Powerchair Football Club provides all people, of any ability, the chance to enjoy a sport that is highly competitive. The fast-paced action and highly skilled manoeuvres make this a game that is not only fun to watch, but very addictive to play.

What is Powerchair Football?

Powerchair football is an indoor sport created to be played in electric power wheelchairs, allowing people with a wide array of physical disabilities to take part – but you don’t have to be a powerchair user to play.

On one level, it is an exciting sporting activity revolving around drills, skills training and fun games. At a higher level, it is a fully competitive game with international rules and national and international competitions.

The game is played in special powerchairs with attachments to control and kick the ball. The chairs are faster than normal domestic powerchairs, so they should only be used for the game.

How can I get involved?

Cornwall Powerchair Football Club has a number of club chairs so you can practice with them at the sessions. Eventually, really keen players will fundraise to get their own chair. We ask that you bring your own hoist and helpers if you need them to transfer.

There are a lot of rules to the game. But there’s no need to worry as the club coach and other players will take time to teach you – you will always be given activities you can fully participate in when you come to training, whatever your level.

Cornwall Powerchair Football Club is the only club in Cornwall and is based in Newquay. Come along to one of the sessions to watch or to try it yourself. Email us if you want to ask any questions or have a chat first.